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Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Repair Tips

When your garage door isn’t working, you want it fixed. You don’t want to wait for a service technician to arrive at your home and diagnose a problem, especially if it’s something you could have repaired on your own. That’s why, at Davis Door we have create a list of our top questions and Do-It-Yourself suggestions to keep you moving and to help you avoid extra service fees.

My Garage Door Tracks Down Before Stopping and Going Back to the Open Position
My Garage Door Seems to Catch or Makes a Growling Sound When Going Up or Down
My Remote Just Stopped Working

A Word of Caution

As with any mechanical or electrical device, there are certain things that should not be attempted except by professionally trained technicians.

Do not attempt to adjust torsion spring tension. These springs are under immense amounts of pressure and can easily cause bodily harm if they are incorrectly handled.

If it appears that your garage door cables are frayed, do not attempt to remove, repair or adjust these, they also can result in injury or death.

If in doubt about any garage door repair, call the professionals at Davis Door at 330-825-5000.